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Welcome to Spread to the Edges.

We are a UK-based website dedicated to exploring the art of film and are run, edited and founded Dan Lyons and Adam Wells.

Our content aims at a deeper level of analysis, and avoids superficial speculation of upcoming releases. Instead, we judge each film as it’s released – always with a keen eye for the social context in which it was produced and for its thematic and technical merits.

While the majority of our content is based around reviews, our main focus is geared toward essays exploring a particular idea in a piece of film or TV. There are no limits as to what essays can be about or what length they should be, as long as they are concise, well argued and to the point. Our essays will hopefully be of interest to those who are curious about a particular subject or topic and want to dig a little deeper.

However, we understand that the primary goal of film criticism is, in simple terms, to help the audience understand if something is worth their time or not. As a site, we believe that saying something along the lines of ‘the cinematography was good’, for example, adds nothing of substance to the review and would not be worth reading. We aim to explain why the cinematography is good, why it’s shot in a particular way and whether it achieves the aims the filmmaker sets out to accomplish. In summary, good cinematography doesn’t just equate to pretty visuals; it has to always enhance or compliment the story or aims of the filmmaker. With this approach to analysing film, we aim to assess a film’s merits and features in a comprehensive but accessible manner.

Accessibility is also the reason why all of our reviews have a rating out of ten at the end of the article. The rating should not be taken as the be-all-and-end-all, and we consider the content of the review itself to be far more important to understanding the quality of a film, but it acts as a general summary or suggestion. Adam and Dan both have different numbers out of ten that represent what we consider to be “average”, so the rating may not fully reflect how we feel about a film. However, it does act as a general guideline as to our opinion.

As well as essays and reviews we have a ton of features and various on-going series’ that are sometimes seasonal, timed with the release of something or just random things that we find interesting.

We don’t write everything, and will gladly take submissions on pieces that are well-thought through and argued. We admire and respect differences in opinion in art and accept that there is no one true interpretation of a film. For all submissions, please email spreadtotheedges@gmail.com and attach the relevant documents.

We encourage people to read film criticism from critics from all walks of life. Our aim is to breakdown snobbery in film criticism without dumbing it down; we want more people to read it, and that’s only going to happen if it’s actually worth reading. Art shouldn’t be gate-kept and inaccessible, but it shouldn’t be discussed in a way that’s shallow or simplistic either. Hopefully we can fill in the gaps of your knowledge and that you stick around for the rest of the show.

We hope you enjoy what we have to offer.

Dan & Adam.




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